Publicity and Outreach


Columbia Debate acts as a coach for the Parliamentary Debate Team at The Columbia Middle School on 110th Street. We currently coach around 30 middle school students ranging from the 6th grade to the 8th grade who compete in the New York Debate League (the middle school parliamentary debate league). These kids are amazing at debate and so far we’ve had numerous top 10 speakers and teams at multiple New York Tournaments. In 2016, the middle school team placed second in the east coast region.

We hope to continue this partnership with The School as well as the New York Debate League for many years to come! For more information click here for the official site for the most up to date news.


Columbia has been working with inmates at Rikers Island Prison as a part of the Rikers Debate Project. The goal of the program is to help inmates learn important life skills – such as public speaking, research, logical argumentation, and more – to give inmates a better chance at successful reintegration. Columbia students recently participated in a debate with Rikers debate students on the merits of plea bargains. For the WSJ wrap up, click here.


Columbia Debate is always open to partnership opportunities and collaborations. We currently partner with The School @ Columbia University, mentoring its middle school debate team through weekly coaching sessions. In the past we have collaborated with such organizations as the YMCA of Greater New York to enhance civic engagement initiatives.

Columbia Debate also partners with media outlets. We’ve debated disco dance crazes in a humorous partnership with VH1 to promote its series “The Great Debate“.

Debate is a universal element of civil society and it takes many forms for myriad purposes. We’re excited to work with you as a partner to engage in the art of the argument.

To begin, visit our Executive Board listing and contact the board member most appropriate for your partnership concept.